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Master Provider Index API

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What is this?

This is the developer documentation site for the application programming interface to the Saint Alphonsus master provider index. The master provider index contains detailed information for all in-network locations and care providers. This read-only API exposes that information in an efficient, machine-consumable format that developers can use to create content-rich applications with live data, regardless of programming language or platform.

Getting Started

This API is implemented using GraphQL. If you are not familiar with GraphQL, you will need to familiarize yourself with it before continuing. There are numerous resources available online to get started, including (but not limited to) the following: There are many helpful client libraries available if you are working with a particular technology stack or platform, but as the API is publicly exposed over HTTPS and responses contain simple JSON data, it is quite ubiquitous and you are free to consume it however you like.

API Documentation

One of the benefits of GraphQL is that it is self-documenting. GraphQL Playground is a graphical, in-browser IDE for exploring a given GraphQL API. This provides both interactive schema browsing (live documentation that can't ever be outdated) as well as a sandbox for you to test your queries out before including them in your application. The GraphQL Playground instance for this API is available at the same location as the API itself:


GraphQL API endpoint: